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World Cup stickers: Then-and-now photos of stars from 2006-2014


The fine folks over at Eurosport did some digging and came up with some of the best old-school Panini sticker cards of stars at the World Cup. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite before-and-after looks:image

Look at that! Even the dashing Cristiano Ronaldo went through an awkward phase. It looks like the sunshine of Madrid has treated the Portuguese quite nicely over the years. Not only did he pick up a tan, he also picked up another earring!imageThe 2006 edition of Clint Dempsey would fit right in where the 2014 edition plies his footballing trade professionally: Seattle, a.k.a. the grunge capital of the world.


Look at little Lionel Messi. Eight years of tirelessly running around melted that baby fat from 2006 right off.

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Everybody changes

Liverpool’s Historic Collapse

Liverpool’s 3-3 draw at Crystal Palace could lead to a nightmare end to the Premier League season. Manchester City has 2 games left and is 1 point behind Liverpool. Liverpool has 1 game left. In order for Liverpool to win, they must win their last game and Manchester City will have to lose 1 game.

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